Maracai Chen Kenichi of Blue Ridge Mountain
Ebony Spotted Tabby and White Male
Sire - GC Maracai's Pink Cadillac of Kat-Tres
Dam - GC Kat-Tres Tabitha of Maracai

Maracai's Rip Van Winkle
Seal Point and White Male

 CH Shagio-Chen Maseratti
Dam: Maracai"s Periwinkle

Maracai's Good Time Charlie   Charlie showing his profile and long body
Ebony Smoke and White Bicolor Male

 Gem Fire Jungle
Dam: Purrsia Carried Away of Maracai

Shenvalles Pretty Boy Desi
Ebony Silver Spotted and White Tabby Male

 Tikatuk Leonardo of Maracai
Dam: CDN Royalty's Liberty Bell

Cuddle Cats Little Ricky
Red Silver Spotted and White Tabby Male

 Maracai Shenvalles Pretty Boy Desi  
Skin-E-Khats Sweet Lucy


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