Our Kittens


Enjoy these photos of some of our previous kittens.  Browse through the small photos using the arrows and then click on the small photo to see the full-size photo.


My new kitty!

Our kittens are handled from the very first day and every day until they leave for their new homes.  You will find your new baby extremely socialized once the newness of the new environment is overcome. 

We let the mother and babies decide when they are ready to be weaned. The first solid food offered the kittens is “Baby Cat” (it's a very fine solid food.) The kittens are fed a mixture of Purina Kitten Chow, Hills Science Diet Kitten and Purina One Kitten. In the evening the kittens are fed a special treat of Fancy Feast canned (but only a teaspoon full).

Fresh water is extremely important and should be available at all times. Remember kittens tend to play in the water so it may need to be replaced several times during the day. Use bowls for food and water made of ceramic, clay or stainless steel. Plastic is not a good idea for a water dish as it absorbs both odors and oils and eventually becomes unsanitary. 

Kittens are sent to their new homes with their baby blanket and toys, photos of both parents and their baby pictures from the time of birth until they leave. 

All kittens have all their shots before leaving for their new home and are also spayed or neutered.



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