Pedigree of: GC Maracai Evita
Sex F Reg No.
Date of Birth Breed OSH
Owner Vicki H. Gill Breeder Vicki H. Gill
Colour & Markings Chestnut Spotted Call Name
CH Piddypat Shake Shake Your Bon Bon of Maracai 2328-1374990 GC Piddypat Jim Dandy to the Rescue 2452-1220513 Seal Lynx GC Piddypat Touched By An Angel 2454-1074595 Choc Lynx RW, GC Quanta's Chase the Wind of CSA 2302-968073 Green-eyed White GC, GP Quanta's High Flight of CSA 2300-859297 Blue-Eyed White
CH Alchemic's Heather Mist of CFA 2319-0831200 Lilac
Piddypat Traces O Red 0936929 Ebony Patched GC Piddypat Lethal Weapon 2452-0812969 Seal Lynx
CH Piddypat Lady in Red 2278-0472630
CH TiffanyZ Dazed and Confused 2329M-1177847 Ebony Mackerel CH Pattam's Iroc Z of TiffanyZ 0272-1059960 Seal CH Pattam's Endeavor 0272-918934 Seal
CH Caru Camaro of Pattam 0273-1006673 Seal
CH Felitan Ride The Lightn of TiffanyZ 2337-989616 Ebony/Silver Mackerel CH Felitan Sir Spotsalot 2336-815043 Ebony/Silver Spotted
CH Felitan Spotsylvania 2337S-815042 Silver Spotted
CH Piddypat Shake Shake Shake Senora 2309-1269928 Ebony SGC Samcari SealedWithaKiss of Piddypat 0272-0865712 Seal CH San-Toi's Mojave of Samcari 0272-0691623 V0692 Seal NW,GC San-Toi's Yankee Doodle Dandy of Elsk DM 0272-0544268 V0790
GC Alsace Emily M of San-Toi 0273-0381605 V0488
Samcari Oh Vannah DM 0273-0668448 V0792 Seal Samcari Gizmo
Samcari Snoopette
Piddypat Shaken Not Stirred 2347-1097959 Ebony Tortie CH Piddypat Saturday Nite Special 2308-929435 Ebony GC Piddypat Lethal Weapon 2452-0812969 Seal Lynx
CH Piddypat Runaround Sue of Hawespaws 2347-763210 Ebony Tortie
Piddypat Heart N Soul 2347-1003010 Ebony Tortie CH LeBianco Noir of Piddypat 2308-0817264 Ebony
Piddypat A Little Bit of Soul 2347-915919 Ebony Tortie
GC Kittamer Hamunaptra of Maracai 2323-1393393 Chestnut Spotted CH Lokikats Scirocco of Kittamer 2316-1324626 Chestnut RW, GC MyFun I'll Fly Away of Hobbikats 2316-1081827 Chestnut CH ChinaCat Yankee Drummer Boy of MyFun 0272-0821816 V0394 Seal CH Skan Prelude of MyFun 0272-0640515 V1091 Seal
GC Ichibon Annabell of ChinaCat 0277-0637979 Seal
GC Gerrysgems Lily of MyFun 2329-0883642 Ebony Spotted GC Saraka Joshua of MyFun 2308-0449154 Ebony
CH Felitan Tabbytha of Gerrysgems 2329-0765400 Ebony Ticked
CH Lokikats Wind Chaser 2317-1256395 Chestnut Smoke CH Lokikats Love Potion #9 2318-1209309 Lavender GC Kossikat Bambi 2470-1024680 V0898 Fawn Spotted
GC Lokikats Witchy Woman DM 2475-1084261
CH Lokikats Shakkai 2317-1108288 Chestnut CH Lokikats Coyote Dancer 2316-1060158
CH Lokikats Emaleth 2323-0989796 Chestnut Spotted
GC Kittamer Neferkari 2323-1275221 Chestnut Ticked RW,GC InJoi Chicago Style 2322-1196035 Chestnut Ticked GC Piddypat Settn Style of InJoi 2322-1141870 Chestnut Spotted GC Piddypat Victor of Darkhorse 2352-0812967 Blue Mackerel
GC Piddypat Steel A Kiss of Eeko DM 2323-1028886 Chestnut Ticked
RW, GC Kulta's Angel Dust of InJoi DM 2387-1095603 Chestnut Patched Ticked RW, GC Kulta's Hidden Classic 2328-0995055 Ebony Spotted
GC Kulta's Angel Hair DM Chestnut Patche
GC Kittamer Maqui 2317-1177799 Chestnut CH Kittamer Amon Sul 2316-1119725 Chestnut CH Royal Points Gentlemans Quarterly 2316-918829 Chestnut
GC Aleeba Murabi 2453-1045142 Seal Lynx
CH Aleeba Hershey Kiss 2317-1005380 Chestnut GP Aleeba Every Which Way 2328T-876981 Ebony Ticked
CH Taranna Cece-Amellia of Lin Su 0273-743364 Seal
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