HISTORY OF PATTAM    I got my first Siamese in 1984.  I found him in a pet shop and I wanted to take him home with me the minute I saw him. "Ming" was a chocolate point male.  Since he was registered I decided to show him in a CFA show.  It was a fun experience although I did find out later that Ming was a pet quality siamese.  While at the shows I found out who would be willing to sell me a cat that I could show and then breed.  I acquired my first breeder female from Nancy Lince of Nanjolin cattery in West Virginia.  She had the Caru lines and I bought a kitten later to be named CH Nanjolin Sweet Sasha of Pattam.    She had Singa Blue Minstrel in her pedigree.   She was a lovely cat with a very light clear coat, a wonderful tubular body and fine boning.     And that is how Pattam Cattery got started. Pattam Cattery became CFA registered in 1985. 


Sire: Caru Chao Rama of Pallette
Dam: CH Nanjolin Chantilly Lace


HERE AT PATTAM CATTERY we strive for healthy kittens and cats with type and good temperament.   Our goal is to have good quality show/breeder cats for caring and loving  breeders/exhibitors of these wonderful creatures.   We also have pets available for the discriminating pet buyer. We require that the pets be neutered/spayed at 6 to 8 months of age by the new owner.


ABOUT THE SIAMESE BREED    A Siamese is a cat that needs attention and also gives much attention.   They are an active cat which is a joy for its human owner to watch play.  They love to sleep in warm places like your lap or your bed.   They come in four colors:  Seal point, blue point, lilac point and chocolate point.  They have long slim, muscular bodies and are very lithe. The Siamese is an elegant cat.


MORE ABOUT PATTAM CATTERY    Pattam Cattery has produced many Grand Champions and Grand Premiers.   We have produced four female DMs: GC Tyjunsee Princess Leia of Pattam, DM; CH Pattam Cachet of Sin-sation, DM; GC Pattam's Elegant Lauren of Crystabel, DM; and the cat featured on our homepage, GC Pattam's Sonata, DM.  In order to achieve the DM title, a female cat must produce five kittens that go on to attain the title of Grand Champion.  This is quite an achievement!  We often get letters and pictures from people who have our cats as pets and say how much they enjoy their wonderful kitten.  See our Letters page to read hear their stories first-hand!

Our recent bloodlines inc
lude Tyjunsee, Shera Len, Sin-Sation, Thaifong,and Minghou.

In addition to breeding and showing Siamese for many years, I have been the editor of the National Siamese Cat Club newsletter since 1992.  Thank you for visiting!


Pattam Cattery's First Grand of Its Own Breeding  

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