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Please contact myself, Della Niehaus, at or by phone
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Phone: 317-409-3203

Location: New Whiteland, Indiana


About Wrinkles of Love....

Wrinkles of Love specializes in raising wonderful, healthy, sociable Sphynx kittens.  We usually (sometimes there are surprises!) try to raise one to two  litters at a time to ensure each kitten gets the time and attention they need to be a great pet in a new home!


Any Sphynx you get from us will be healthy and all you hoped for!  We are honest about their personalities because we want them to go to the best home possible.  If you are happy, then they are happy! There are very few people that have met Sphynx that have not loved them.  We want each kitten that leaves our home to be treated as we would treat them, so each potential adopter must be approved before he/she can adopt or are placed on our waiting list.


  About Me....


I have loved cats all my life.  My mother raised Siamese cats when I was a kid and we always had a cat or two in the house as pets.  As an adult I developed multiple allergies, especially to cats.  Then I found this breed and I could live with them- even with my allergies!!  I decided to raise them, they have brought so much laughter into my house.  We got our first Sphynx while I was going through a nasty divorce.  It was a period of time where my kids and I couldn't find much worth enjoying.  They have really brought a smile back to our faces and those who visit.

I have owned my own beauty shop for many years.  My ‘hobby’ of raising Sphynx by far brings me the most pleasure.  Not to mention, many hours of entertainment for myself and my four children.

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