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What are the characteristics of the Sphynx cat?

HAIRLESSNESS!!! The most obvious and unique feature of the Sphynx is that it is hairless. Also, Sphynx have large eyes and ears. Don't forget to check out our picture gallery to get a look at these characteristics!

Do Sphynx cats need more maintenance than other breeds?
It depends on how you look at it.  They do not need to be brushed and you will not have to pick hair off your cloths BUT Sphynx need baths – how frequently depends on the individual cat – usually it is every 10 days. The natural oils that make a furry cat soft and shiny come to the surface and collect on a hairless cat's skin. I recommend an anti-bacterial, anti-fungal shampoo from your vet to thoroughly cleanse the skin once per week.

Another thing that is a unique to the Sphynx is that they require ear cleanings.  This can be done with a moist cotton swab on the outer ear only. This usually needs to be done once a week, but can vary depending on the cat. 

Will I be allergic to Sphynx cats?
Probably, but I am allergic to cats and can tolerate the Sphynx breed. Some people who are extremely allergic and/or asthmatic are not able to tolerate them. A person who is allergic should never let the cat sleep or have access to their bedroom and should invest in a powerful "Living Air" purifier for their home. I recommend one for their bedroom also.   If you have further questions about this topic – please contact me!!



What kind of personality does the Sphynx have?
I am prejudiced, but this breed is by far among the friendliest, playfully active, curious, and personable breed of cat. They want to be where there are people all the time. They meet you at the door when you come home and prefer to spend lots of their time with you either playing or sleeping on your lap. If you research this cat at all – you will see that many say that Sphynx are part dog and part monkey!    

Do males or females make the best pet?
Please do NOT be afraid to adopt a male kitten. The majority of neutered males DO NOT spray, especially if they are altered early as your Sphynx will be.  We had a male breeder named Hershey for two years, we then neutered him.   He is a  wonderful pet. He doesn't ever spray, since neutering, and he is more affectionate then our un-spayed females.    

What is the price for a Sphynx Cat?
Generally, prices range from $800 to $1200 for pets.  Prices vary from breeder to breeder and also depending on the amount of hair. Naturally, the more hair, the less expensive and the balder the cat, the more expensive.  Pet Sphynx should be altered before they are adopted out to pet homes.  

Breeder cats, only sold to homes with an interview, references, extensive knowledge of breeding and showing; and a waiting period and a contract, are sold for $2000-$3000.  Again, the more expensive ones are usually balder. 

Why are they so expensive?
Sphynx are still a rare breed.  Their rarity and special care make them more expensive than even other pure-bred cats. 

Do Sphynx cats have more health problems then other breeds?
NO!!! If you buy a sphynx from a reputable breeder, it should be as healthy as any other cat.  As with all kittens, their immune systems are still developing up until they are six months old.  They do have a tendency to catch a cold… but once that pass that initial cold as a kitten– they are usually very healthy.

They absolutely should not be outside but for short periods of time. Their lack of hair makes them more prone to skin problems… you do not want to have your cat sunburned!

Do special precautions have to be taken to keep them warmer, since they have no fur?
All cats like to be warm, but, I spoil mine. Generally if you are comfortable in your home it is most likely ok for your cats. As long as you provide something as inexpensive as an old comforter for them to curl up in they are fine. However, if you have a waterbed, rest assured that is where they will prefer to sleep. As I said I spoil my cats, and have cat beds with heating pads in them, but, this is not necessary.

Do you guarantee their health?
Yes, I guarantee their health. But, you must immediately contact me with any health problems.  It is imperative that you call me because I want to help any way possible with any health related issues and with my experience, I may know some remedies to your problem.  Sometimes the breeders of rare animals know better what to do than the vet as many vets are still not familiar with this breed. As with any animal certain illnesses need medical attention right away. I recommend medical attention for colds, diarrhea, or anything that seems out of the ordinary. Please take your cat/kitten to the vet immediately if he is has not eaten for an extended period of time.  Cats, because of their survival instinct, will hide their sicknesses, if your cat is not eating she MUST go to the vet immediately. Cats, and especially kittens, cannot survive as long as humans without eating.


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